Global Drinks Distribution

Akay is a an official distributor of the ABInBev range of beers including Corona, Budweiser, Stella, Becks, Leffe & Hoegaarden.  In addition we supply Heineken and their wider range of products including Desperados and Tiger.  We also carry many other popular brands.

We can supply the full range of spirits and we are proud to be official distribution partners of the Lagoda Group who have a great product in the super premium Faberge inspired Imperial Collection.  We are also delighted to be a distribution partner of the iconic Stolichnaya vodka brand.

Wines from the The Wine Group in the USA, the world’s third largest wine producer, are also at our disposal as are a wide range of wines from the leading producers in Europe.

Soft drinks such as Coke and Red Bull and leading mineral waters like Evian and Volvic also form part of our portfolio.